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Company Name: Global Pharmacy Plus
Year of Creation: 2004
Available Stock: Asthma, Erectile Dysfunction, Diabetes, Antidepressants
Payment Options: MasterCard, Check, Wire Transfer
Shipping Options: Regular Airmail
Company Location: Canada
Phone Number: +1-855-475-7782
Do they send spam?: Yes
Prescription: Yes
Is Discount Available?: Yes

Category: Pharmacy Review

User Reviews

Do not order from them

1 5 1
My order was never shipped. Only excuses. They do not answer phones, endless holding on. Sent several emails – no reply.

They are SCAMMERS!

1 5 1
I did not receive my order and got no refund. They do not answer phones. I’ll NEVER purchase anything from this website again, and I’m surprised that their site is still active. They are SCAMMERS! This practice needs to stop!

Very slow delivery

3 5 1
Took 23 days for the order to arrive. Expected it sooner

Low prices but slow delivery

3 5 1
Their prices are attractive but they ship soo slow

Do not give them your phone number!

1 5 1
Their representatives keep calling me and trying to persuade me to order their items. I ask them to stop calling me. They still call, sometimes it’s 3 or more calls a day.

Annoying phone calls!

1 5 1
It seems they will never stop calling me. We received 4 calls yesterday. I aksed them many times to stop calling me! I have ordered from GlobalPharmacyPlus several times. I’ve said that I would place an order if I need anything. But no, I will never order anything from this company!

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