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Company Name: Pharmacy2Home
Year of Creation: Unknown
Available Stock: Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Antibiotics, Hair Loss
Payment Options: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Bitcoin, eCheck
Shipping Options: Regular Airmail, EMS
Company Location: Unknown
Phone Number: +1-800-928-7196
Do they send spam?: Yes
Prescription: Yes
Is Discount Available?: Unknown


Category: Pharmacy Review

User Reviews

Unreliable Online Pharmacy

2 5 1
Two products from 6 were not added to my order. Managers do not react to messages, do not respond to my inquiries. It is not possible to contact them over phone number given on the website. Prices for some products are not cheaper in comparison with retail prices. Operators cannot solve the problem or advise anything.

Fast Operation

4 5 1
Order processed promptly, delivered very quickly! Everything is fine in terms of packaging and payment.

This Store Comes to Rescue

4 5 1
This service is very convenient, I use it not for the first time. The order cannot be arranged immediately. I sometimes forget something and reload the order.

Slow Website

3 5 1
The site is slow operating. Sometimes it takes up to 40-60 minutes on the search-checkout. The information provided during the ordering process is almost always incorrect.

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