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Company Name:
Year of Creation: 2003
Available Stock: Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Antibiotics, Hair Loss
Payment Options: Visa, ECheck
Shipping Options: Regular Airmail, EMS
Company Location: 1900 Camden Avenue,Suite 101 San Jose, CA 95124 United States
Phone Number: +1-800-808-3375
Do they send spam?: Yes
Prescription: Yes
Is Discount Available?: Yes


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User Reviews

Appropriate Service

4 5 1
I ordered several products. Work is organized on a proper level. I will use this service again. Well done.

Non-satisfied with the Result

2 5 1
I made an order but no one contacted me. The next morning I called this service. As a result, the order was confirmed. But nothing happened with my order. The information in my account did not change, although the delivery takes only several days. Finally, I canceled the order and wrote a message with questions, to which I received an answer, that they could not contact me and confirm the order. I am not satisfied with this service.

Well-organized support service

4 5 1
I ordered several times, everything was always normal. And in the last order, one position was missing not the cheapest one. The order was taken by another person. He did not open it, the package was sealed. The order was opened later, even on another day, the check was not saved. I wrote to the feedback service about the missing product, just in case, I did not think that it would give anything. Nevertheless, they called me back, said that they would assess the situation and inform me later. And after a few working days, they called me and said that they had brought the same missing product and I can take it. it was a surprise for me really. I do recommend this service.

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