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Special Price: $45.99

Company Name: Marks Marine Pharmacy
Year of Creation: 2001
Available Stock: Diabetes, Erectile Dysfunction, Asthma, Antibiotics
Payment Options: Visa, American Express, Discover, Cheques, Money Orders
Shipping Options: Regular Airmail, EMS
Company Location: Canada
Phone Number: +1-877-888-9265
Do they send spam?: Yes
Prescription: Yes
Is Discount Available?: Yes

Category: Pharmacy Review

User Reviews


4 5 1
I appreciate the delivery speed!

Best place to buy meds

5 5 1
Great medication and customer service. The pharmacist from Marks Marine Pharmacy worked with me to determine the right dosage and the suitable shipping method. I will surely return to this pharmacy for more!

Affordable prices

4 5 1
I’m quite satisfied with the pricing.


1 5 1
I constantly receive spam email from this pharmacy!!!

Low prices and cool customer service

5 5 1
Low prices and cool customer service. Fast delivery. Now I order all my prescriptions from Marks Marine.

Excellent service

5 5 1
I was satisfied with my first order and would definitely return to this store for more items. I received the order 3 days later. I ordered a medication that required temperature control. They did it well! Excellent service. It was nice to work with them.


1 5 1
Seems like this pharmacy is great but they have no responsibility when something goes wrong. I ordered a specific medication and no one told me I was buying a generic from India. The drug caused a severe rash on my back. I sent them pictures of all. I wanted to return the mediation and get a refund. They just said they were sorry. I never got my money back.

Lower prices

5 5 1
I’ve been using Mark’s Marine for 2 years. I am able to buy Canada-sourced branded drugs from them at lower prices. Customer service is amazing. I did have any problems with this store.

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